Phase II

Phase II contains 3 No.s Turbomach Taraus 60 and 1 No. Titan 130 Turbines each Taurus 60 have capacity of 5.6MW and Titan have capacity of 15MW. Phase II is under commissioning, Two turbines has been commissioned on June 2013, Since commissioned phase II power shortage problem in Wadi is resolved. To overcome the problem of power shortage in Wadi Hadramout, Pioneers has used full abilities of his employees to finish the phase II in the given time.

  Detail of auxiliary equipment of phase II is as under :

   • Power Transformer 7 MVA ( Euro Gulf )11/33kv .

   • Power Transformer 18 MVA ( Euro Gulf ) 11/33kv.

   • Switch Gears Schneider Electric.

   • Air Compressors Atlas Copco.

  • Black Start Generator (Perkins).

   • Fire Fighting System.

  • Plant automatically activated safety system.

   • Booster Gas Compressor.