Phase I

Phase I has been in operation since December 2009 , which contains of ( 6 ) no’s Turbomach Gas Turbines Taurus 60 , each Having capacity of (5.6MW).Turbomach is Swiss based Company Which is Now Taken by SOLAR Catterpilar . Phase I is Capable to Run on dual fuel modes (gas and diesel)Turbomach completed gas commissioning in december 2009 and they Completed diesel commissioning at the end of 2010.

  Detail of all auxiliary equipment is as under:

  • Power Transformer(TUSCO)(6MVA 11/33 Kv).

  • Switch Gears 33kv Schneider Electric.

  • Black Start Generator (Perkin) .

  • Cooling Towers (Liangchi) .

  • Water Treatment Plant .

  • Air Compressors Atlas Copco .

  • Fire Fighting System .

Pioneers is providing electricity to local people by operating plant in very smooth way forty Persons including aspects are giving their services to Pioneers to maintain the plant.