Phase I

Phase I has been in operation since December 2009 , which contains of ( 6 ) no’s Turbomach Gas Turbines Taurus 60, each Having capacity of (5.6MW).Turbomach is Swiss based Company Which is Now Taken by SOLAR Catterpilar.

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Phase II

Phase II contains 3 No.s Turbomach Taraus 60 and 1 No.Titan 130 Turbines each Taurus 60 have capacity of 5.6MW and Titan have capacity of 15MW.Phase II is under commissioning,Two turbines has been commissioned on June 2013, Since.

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Our Clients

The company is dealing with most government organizations and private sector in different are of yemen with maintaining all internationally safety standard. Company is also doing business with international companies,TOTAL and Canadian Nexen.

Group Companies