About Pioneers

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About the foundation

 Pioneers company is operating in constructing and operating power stations which has confidence of its clients appreciate locally and internationally.

The company is equipped with the latest equipment that is operated under the supervision of experts, engineers, local and foreigners technician with high level of experiences and skills.

The company deals with majority of governmental agencies and private sectors in many aspects with maintaining all the international standards.

Our Message

 As the first gas to generate electric power, we are keen to be the first and the best gas station provides electric power.

Our vision

 The provision of electricalenergy with the latest techniques used contribute to the user's needs.

Our Goals

 The company aims to increase its investment in the generation of electrical power inYemen and Y by increasing the capacity of electric power, as the electric powercapacity existing in Yemen does not exceed 900 MW while the country needs up to 6000 MW as a first stage of the piece was of the objectives of the company thatBearing in mind this goal.